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Womens Ministry

The purpose of Women’s Ministry is to clarify the purpose and role of women. The goal of this ministry is to build healthy relationships in the body of Christ, promote spiritual growth, unity and love. To encourage unity and fellowship, and to bring wholeness and balance to the lives of women by ministering to their mind, body and spirit.

We Will:

  • Support the vision of the Pastor, focus on worship, teaching, and fellowship.
  • Minister to the needs of the women which will result in strong followers of Christ.
  • Guide and equip the women to discover their place in ministry to carry out the Great Commission

The following is available through the Women’s Ministry:

Mother’s Board


Church Mothers play a very important role in the church. The Scripture declares that it is proper for the elder women to teach and train the younger women in the church (Titus 2:2-5). These women should be mature, spirit filled and full of Godly wisdom.

Elder’s, Minister’s and Deacon’s Wives Circle

We read in I Timothy 3:11….‖wives must be grave, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things.‖ These women serve alongside their husbands and stand in support their husband‘s calling and ministry.

Deaconess Board


The deaconess assists the Pastor in the observance of the Holy Communion or Lord’s Supper and any other duties assigned by him. Every Deaconess must be a faithful church member, setting an example in tithing, and attending worship services. They must be well grounded in church doctrine, and carry out their duties with a servant’s heart. The Deaconess must be serious in appearance, manner and decorum.

 Christian Women’s Council

The Purpose of Christian Women’s Council is to provide its membership, those women above the age of 40 who are “babes in Christ” as well as those who are identified as “seasoned saints,” a dynamic and Godly forum whereby members are given the necessary training, instruction, encouragement, as well as the natural and spiritual support by which each is inspired to meet God’s standard of Holiness. It is that forum where women are challenged to strive for excellence with Godliness, where all are taught the imperative of integrity in word and deed in every area of their lives; in the home, in marital and family relationships, in the church, as well as in their spiritual, natural and financial support of the church and in work done in the communities.

Other essential components of the Christian Women’s Council mission are:

  • To inspire women to use God given gifts and talents to maximize the effectiveness of the units, bands and auxiliaries in the church; for their own spiritual well-being, for a personal sense of accomplishment, to experience the satisfaction and joy that comes from unselfish giving, for the spiritual, natural and financial well-being of the church and for the up building of the Kingdom of God.
  • To provide an opportunity for women to learn and/or to better understand the purpose, the value and the results) of the work of Godly women in the home, in the church and in the community.
  • To encourage healthy, stable, happy and enduring marital, home and family relations.
  • To develop and implement innovative, Holy Ghost inspired, effective programs for the natural, spiritual, financial support and growth of the church.
  • To prepare women for effective, efficient supportive and leadership roles.
  • To prepare women to meet the challenges of this complex age to the saving of their souls, the souls of their families and the souls of countless others.
  • To teach women to recognize their divine destiny, according to the Word of God, and initiate and support activities that result in securing and retaining ones spiritual heritage.
  • To cultivate among women relationships characterized by mutual respect, trust, confidence and a shared interest in the work of the Lord, in souls, in life development and in the welfare of people at large, especially those of the “Household of Faith.”

Young Women’s Christian Council

Young Women’s Christian Council is a necessary and significant part of the Ministry at New Jerusalem. It exists to build a spiritual foundation for our females by:

  • Teaching biblical principles, confirming God’s word and how He is relevant to their lives today.
  • Teaching the importance of building a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Enabling them to understand and recognize who Jesus is, and what it is to live for Him only.
  • Teaching them to walk in truth and obedience to the Bible.
  • Teaching them to worship and honor Christ in all aspects of their lives.
  • This will empower them to be young women of excellence by renewing their mind and building their faith in Jesus Christ. Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them in their everyday life: they become stewards of the Word of God with a willingness and attitude to work in the ministry of Christ through in-reach and out-reach, welcoming more young ladies into Christian fellowship and discipleship.
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