Reach the Lost, Teach the Willing, Preach the Word

Outreach Ministry

Outreach is a vital part of New Jerusalem; our service to Christ embraces serving others, loving others and bringing in the lost souls.
New Jerusalem Church Of God In Christ is a ministry of dynamic outreach for the unreached that are within reach.
The following is available through the Outreach Ministry

“SWAT Team” Soul Winning Across Town

The SWAT team takes soul winning serious because it’s an imperative for all Christian believers is witnessing. So in keeping with the great commission to spread the Gospel, the witnessing regularly goes into the streets of our community to share the love of Jesus Christ and minister to the lost. This ministry invests foot time each month, going door to door, in the many neighborhoods the Metro City. The team is comprised of saved women and men of all ages.

The collective ambition of this ministry is to offer Jesus to thousands upon thousands as their personal Savior, go thru the 7 Steps to the Kingdom with the willing and invite them to join us for worship service.

Don’t be surprised if we knock at your door requesting “one minute of your time”.swat

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Bus and Van Transportation Ministry

The transportation ministry oversees the canvassing of designated areas for bus pick-up. This ministry is designed to help our members and visitors get to and from church services and other ministry engagements in the safest manner possible.

If you desire transportation services please contact us at 601.497.4547 in a timely manner.

Tent Ministry

The Tent ministry is tailored towards taking the Gospel into the hedges and highways, compelling men to come! It allows us to engage the community from a different perspective while in turn sharing the preached word of God.

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tent 5

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Bring a Child to Church

This BCC ministry visits local apartment complexes and neighborhoods, in a door to door ministry fashion, encouraging parents and gaining permission to bring their children to church.

They remain in communication with agreeing parents, pick the little ones up on time, provide them with a healthy breakfast, spiritual food and return them home safely.

Tract Ministry

The tract ministry does not substitute for witnessing  but is yet a very important part of the ministry. Pamphlets, postcards & leaflet are used as a means of reaching out to the lost and/or inviting hungry souls to our worship service.

Don’t be surprised if we knock at your door inviting you to our services.tracts

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Online Sermons

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7 Steps to the Kingdom of God

7 Steps to the Kingdom of God

7 Scriptures on receiving the Holy Ghost

7 Scriptures on receiving the Holy Ghost