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Good Samaritan Ministry

The Good Samaritan Ministry is a collection of inreach help ministries at New Jerusalem. Each ministry is a critical entity and vital part of the Church’s overall success at soul winning.

The following is available through the Good Samaritan Ministry:


Our Hospitality Ministry is comprised of individuals who enjoy serving others. They extend to guests and friends of the pastor and church a helping hand and a friendly spirit. These individuals are friendly, warm and engaging, and are dedicated to the comfort of church guests satisfying their  hunger and thirst at designated times.  They primarily serve at the discretion of the pastor and assist their president in fulfilling her request for special service when and where needed.



Our purpose is to create an atmosphere of genuine welcome and concern for all entering our doors. We seek to ensure order in God’s house so that the presence of the Lord will enter. It is our responsibility to greet worshipers, escort members and guest to their seats, and distribute materials related to the worship services.

An effective usher demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit (as described in Galatians 5:22-23) in both the ministry and in daily life. As we serve the Lord with gladness in our own lives, we likewise serve those entering into His sanctuary. The Usher Ministry consists of a group of men and women who are dedicated to “order” in the house of the Lord.


Our Greeter Ministry, in most cases, is among the first impressions of our ministry. They are responsible to greet, welcome and provide information and direction for our guest upon entering the church complex.

Early Morning Glory Breakfast

A nourishing HOT breakfast is provided each Sunday morning, to all attendees of the Early Morning Glory service. In doing so, God has blessed this endeavor because we do realize that this may be the only healthy meal that some will eat all day.

Feed the Hungry

Each year this ministry fed over 600 homeless and hungry men. This ministry is active each and every month of the year; full course, hot & healthy meals are prepared, delivered and served to the homeless of the Metro Area.

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Shoe Box  Ministry

This ministry is geared toward teaching the young people and children about giving unselfishly whether thru tithes, monetary gifts or goods. This ministry guides them into working with fundraisers, other Good Samaritan ministries and etc. Monies are donated by cheerful, liberal-hearted members in the name of the youth and the youth in turn pay that money forward.

The mission of this ministry overall is to convey to the younger generation that Jesus is the greatest, most valuable gift of all and that we’re to pay it forward by sharing Him with others.


Academic Tutoring

The New Jerusalem tutoring ministry provides several types of academic support to our student membership to help them improve academically. From one-on-one tutoring in various subjects (Math, English, Reading, etc.) to standardized test preparatory classes (PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.), we service students K-12. Additionally, we provide academic support services that are aligned with course standards responding to the growing educational deficits of the surrounding area.

Academic School Supplies

This ministry provides FREE school supplies to the student members at the beginning of the school year. Supplies include but aren’t limited to: Backpacks, paper, pencil, crayons, book covers, pens, scissors, folders and etc.

Donations are always welcomed because at New Jerusalem we don’t want any child left behind!

Youth Detention Center

This ministry was established as a means of helping to create a better tomorrow today. The target group of this ministry is our troubled youth (from all different counties in Mississippi, none of which are affiliated with New Jerusalem prior to coming to the detention center) that are confined to the state detention center.

A member of ministry staff makes bi-weekly visits to the State detention center where classes on the dealing with defeat, let downs & disappointment, personal struggles, finding oneself in Christ, personal development and living a chainless life are taught. Both male and female are our target audience with an age group range of 12 – 17 years.

Church Picnic / Grilling on the grounds

A ministry that encourages fellowship amongst members, locals from the neighborhood and friends. During this time we enjoy games with the children, a great cookout and some good Christian hospitality.



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