Reach the Lost, Teach the Willing, Preach the Word

Discipleship Ministry

The aim of Discipleship is to perfect each believer for the service of Christ, to one another, and to the global community.

The following is available through the Discipleship Ministry:

Sunday School

If you know your Bible then Sunday School needs you but if you don’t know your Bible then you Sunday School!

Sunday School Superintendant & assistant

Sunday School Superintendent and Assistant pictured above

NJSunday School2

The Sunday School teachers pictured above with the secretaries pictured below


sunday school class 1 & 2


class 1&2 SS

SS reviewSS review 3sunday school board


Our Sunday School offers classes for every member of the family! It trains Christians to be more productive members of the church and encourages the spiritual growth of every believer. We praise God for our unique programs that are geared towards perfecting you in every way possible.We offer a place to provide you with:

  • In-depth scripture study at a level of understanding for every age group.
  • A place for personal application of scriptures.
  • Opportunity for members to talk and share about their needs with others in similar life situations.
  • A training ground for Christians to be more productive in their church and everyday living.
  • Answers to your questions concerning the scriptures or application thereof.

Young People Willing Workers

The Young People Willing Workers is a vibrant training auxiliary that exist to equip disciples with the necessary training to live a prosperous and victorious life in Jesus.

To enhance their lives naturally and spiritually, thereby equipping them to successfully confront challenges and go higher in the Lord.

This goal will be achieved by producing informative and innovative techniques via conventions, youth rallies, etc., designed to address the existing issues concerning our youth, and their current circumstances.

We pledge our unselfish devotion and loyalty to the principles and doctrine of our COGIC faith to be representatives of holiness in our everyday life; and to let our lives be the mirror that reflects the image of Christ.

Prayer and Bible Band

The purpose of the Prayer and Bible Band is to train members to know their Bibles that they may become more acquainted with the Word of God and help to lead others to Christ and righteousness.

Home & Foreign Missions

The Home and Foreign Mission auxiliary is a strong link in the Church of God in Christ. Its accomplishments have been many. There is a great need and responsibility regarding missions to touch the needs of our fellow brothers and sisters at home and abroad.


Online Sermons

Online Sermons

Sunday School

Sunday School Lessons

Coming Events

Coming Events

7 Steps to the Kingdom of God

7 Steps to the Kingdom of God

7 Scriptures on receiving the Holy Ghost

7 Scriptures on receiving the Holy Ghost