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Counseling Ministry

This ministry offers counseling that has a Biblical and Christ-centered foundation, provides a confidential setting where members can clarify problems, explore and express feelings and deal more effectively with stresses of life and to provide biblical counsel, Christian care and effective resources for individuals seeking assistance by means of spiritual support, guidance and encouragement.

Our mission is to extend God’s love in the emotional and spiritual healing of individuals, in order to equip and empower them to become more of what God has designed them to be. We will accomplish this mission by creating an atmosphere that fosters confidentiality, prayer, trust and empathy.

The following is available through the Counseling Ministry:

Pre-Marital Counseling

In order to promote healthy, successful marriages New Jerusalem provides pre-marital counseling. Successful completion of the pre-marital counseling program is mandatory for couples who wish to be married by the pastor. The following criteria must be met:

They must be of the opposite gender. The laws of any state notwithstanding, we will only provide pre-marital counseling for couples consisting of a man and a woman.

Both partners must demonstrate their commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

Although some exceptions are possible, both partners should be members of the body of Christ, members of New Jerusalem or in the process of becoming members.

Marital and Family Counseling

Perhaps your marriage isn’t in crisis, but it isn’t very exciting either. Picture your mate and you in a boat leisurely drifting down the river. Where are you going? Will you reach your destination and achieve your goals if you just keep drifting? Couples in a drifting marriage feel bored, dissatisfied, and unhappy. There’s no vitality and excitement in the marriage.

Marriage is God’s idea. He has put into the human heart a longing for a permanent, loving relationship. TV shows make it seem that “happily ever after” is easy, but most couples have to work hard to experience a loving, contented relationship. You have probably discovered that the “I do” in the wedding ceremony didn’t mean “It’s done!”

Commitment is the first requirement for a long-lasting marriage.

Commitment is the attitude that no matter what happens we will work together to resolve the problems we face in this marriage.

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13: 4 & 7, Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Divorce Avoidance Counseling

If you’ve reached a point of desperation in your marriage and don’t know where to turn, find real hope from Christian marriage counseling at New Jerusalem! Our marriage therapy is faith-based and based solely on the Word of God rather than worldly principles.

If you think your marriage is beyond hope, think again. We specialize in working with couples on the brink of divorce, even as they are facing issues of infidelity, broken trust, blended families and more. We can tell you firsthand that it is possible to recover in a private and nurturing environment like ours.

Your marriage needs the elements of faith, hope and love to keep it vital and alive.

Couples Ministry



The purpose of the Marriage Ministry is to structure our relationships according to the Word of God. To develop the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities as Husband and Wife in God, to combat the adversary at all cost.

Not allowing the principalities and powers of darkness to take you off of your purpose and destiny with each other; understanding that the success of our future both in the home as well as the church rest on the strength and commitment of the Marriage

This ministry provides spiritual insight and biblical counseling for married couples. It provides opportunities where husbands and wives can learn to love one another as Christ loves them — intimately, unconditionally, and with full forgiveness as they demonstrate through their daily walk that two have become one.

Our goal is to help build Christ centered marriages that will last a lifetime.

Spiritual and Personal Counseling

At New Jerusalem we provide pastoral counseling for those who want help in living according to the bible. We offer counseling for mental health, addiction, and spiritual counseling. If you want to receive counseling services you should meet the following criteria:

You should demonstrate a desire to live according to the Bible.

You should demonstrate the desire to make changes in your life

Although some exceptions are possible, recipients of counseling services should be under the pastoral care of New Jerusalem.

Financial Ministry

This ministry encompasses helping to educate the membership on excessive debt avoidance, home ownership, proper investing and money management.

Singles Ministry


The Singles Ministry is designed to encourage, inspire, and support its members in developing a healthy Christian identity.

This group is not a dating service, but instead a loving and wholesome group of saints who are learning to grow spiritually while sharing and praying for one another

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